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Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Caesar's Camp - Le Ferme de Caubert

Today we played the fourth scenario from the Caesars Camp pint sized campaign.

With significant loses from the previous game the Germans were only able to field two sections. The British did well in the patrol phase (managing six free moves to the consternation of the German players) and managed to restrict the Germans to the area around the farm.

The British plan was to advance on the left whilst deploying supporting troops into the wooded area. The British deployed a section on the left and a 2" mortar into the wood. However, plans usually go wrong at first contact as the Germans deployed a sniper who proceeded to shoot up the mortar team. The British deployed a section into the woods to help out the mortar team...

but the Germans deployed a section opposite...

and poured fire into them, eventually pinning them, killing the corporal and routing the mortar team. This was not going to plan for the British.

The British pushed their section on the left forward...

and deployed a second in support, with the Germans deploying their second section behind the copse just infront of the British. 

The second British section swung left to hopefully outflank the Germans...
but the Germans deployed a light machine gun into the farm that started to chew them up. The British advanced a jump off marker and deployed a second mortar team to smoke the Germans.

The British deployed a Vickers and their Lieutenant into the woods but again luck was with the Germans as they managed to kill the Lieutenant. The British force morale was plummeting at this point. In desparation the British charged the Germans in the copse, with a bloody outcome. The German section was wiped out with only a few British casualties. The British needed to take the farm, so the last section was deployed.

The Germans deployed their infantry gun hoping to rout the section on the left but the British managed to advance two sections to occupy the farm, game over.

The last few turns were very fraught with the British only having three command dice and the Germans pouring fire into the British to try and break their morale.

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